Caricature Synthesis Based on Mean Value Coordinates

This source preferred by Jian Jun Zhang and Hongchuan Yu

Authors: Yu, H. and Zhang, J.J.

Start date: 31 May 2010

In this paper, a novel method for caricature synthesis is developed based on mean value coordinates (MVC). Our method can be applied to any single frontal face image to learn a specified caricature face exemplar pair for frontal and side view caricature synthesis. The technique only requires one or a small number of caricature face pairs and a natural frontal face training set, while the system can transfer the style of the exemplar pair across individuals. Further exaggeration can be fulfilled in a controllable way. Our method is further extended to facial expression transfer, interpolation and exaggeration, which are applications of expression editing. Moreover, the deformation equation of MVC is modified to handle the case of polygon intersections and applied to lateral view caricature synthesis from a single frontal view image. Using experiments we demonstrate that the transferred expressions are credible and the resulting caricatures can be characterized and recognized.

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