Managing Intellectual Capital in UK Higher Education: A Student Perspective

Authors: Sahandi, R., Roushan, G., Bell, G. and Robinson, P.

Editors: Khavandkar, J.

Conference: 2nd International Conference on Intellectual Capital Management (IICM 2010)

Dates: 6-7 October 2010


Transfer of knowledge in the context of collaborative work between universities and industries are discussed. Schemes are offered by the UK Government and its agencies to facilitate this transfer. The management of intellectual capital and options for protecting Intellectual Property (IP) in the European context from a student prospective are explored. Two case studies are used illustrating how a UK university can facilitate the protection of IP in respect of project artefacts produced by students.

Source: Manual

Preferred by: Reza Sahandi and Gelareh Roushan

Cloud Computing From SMEs Perspective: A Survey-based Investigation

Authors: Sahandi R., Alkhalil A , Opara-Martins J, R.

Journal: Journal of Information Technology Management

Volume: 24

Issue: 1

Pages: 43-49

eISSN: 1464-522X

ISSN: 0309-1902

Source: Manual