MOOC or not? – Transformation or Disruption in Higher Education: A workshop

Authors: Bobeva, M., Nordberg, D. and Breitbarth, T.

Conference: British Academy of Management

Dates: 10-12 September 2013


Massive open online courses (MOOCs) are the latest provisions for addressing the demand for knowledge of thousands of geographically dispersed learners. They build on experiences with correspondence courses, distance learning and online delivery and hold the promise for open scholarly education. MOOCs offer the opportunities for new commercial ventures and are recognised as disruptive innovation redefining the educational market and affecting the traditional business models of universities. They challenge accredited degree providers to establish strategies for dealing with this new market entrant, whist sustaining quality standards, profitability and social responsibility. For Business Schools, the task for addressing the kaleidoscope of MOOC-related issues is a particularly pertinent agenda that brings together theory and practice in business, management and education. This workshop seeks to foster understanding of MOOCs and generate ideas about a stream of work for addressing this phenomenon. It facilitates development of MOOC-focused research and enterprise networks.

Source: Manual

Preferred by: Milena Bobeva