High Tech for High Touch Experiences: A Case Study from the Hospitality Industry

Authors: Neuhofer, Buhalis and Ladkin

Conference: ENTER 2013

Dates: 22-25 January 2013

Journal: Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism

Pages: 290-301

Publisher: Springer


Experiences represent the core of the tourism and hospitality industry. Companies seek to create unique and personalised experiences by addressing the needs and wants of contemporary consumers who are looking for something new. While the importance of experiences is unquestioned, the understanding of how to use technology to create personalised experiences is limited in tourism theory and practice. Based on this rationale, this paper aims to explore how companies can strategically use technology to create personalised high-touch guest experiences. Following a single case study approach, this paper contributes by developing a process model proposing technology as a platform of co-creation. A two-fold information and experience flow is introduced between companies and consumers throughout multiple experience touch points. This exploratory study suggests high-tech as a critical factor in the co-creation and facilitation of high-touch experiences.

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High Tech for High Touch Experiences: A Case Study From the Hospitality Industry.

Authors: Neuhofer, B., Buhalis, D. and Ladkin, A.

Editors: Cantoni, L. and Xiang, Z.P.

Journal: ENTER

Pages: 290-301

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 978-3-642-36308-5


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