Tribological behaviour of copper oxide nanoparticle suspension

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Authors: Fernandez, J.E., Viesca, J.L. and Hernandez Battez, A.

Start date: 4 June 2008

This work presents and discusses the tribological behaviour of nanoparticle suspensions in a polyalphaolefin (PAO6). CuO nanoparticles were separately dispersed at 0.5, 1.0 and 2.0% wt. in PAO6 using an ultrasonic probe for 2 minutes. AW properties were obtained using a TE53SLIM tribometer with a block-on-ring configuration and EP properties were obtained using a Four-Ball machine according to ASTM D2783. Wear surfaces were analyzed by SEM and EDS after tests. The study led to the following conclusions: nanoparticle suspensions exhibited reductions in friction and wear compared to the base oil; CuO suspensions showed the highest friction coefficient and lowest wear per nanoparticle content of 2%; all concentrations of nanoparticles improved the EP properties of PAO6; CuO showed better results at 0.5% wt. of nanoparticles; and the antiwear mechanism of nanoparticulate additive was produced by tribo-sintering.

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