Becoming or unbecoming: Contested academic identities

This source preferred by Donald Nordberg and Carly Lamont

Authors: Lamont, C. and Nordberg, D.

Start date: 9 September 2014

For some decades now, higher education has been undergoing considerable change, driven to a great extent by the marketisation of knowledge, vocationalism, managerialism and state intervention (Barnett 2000). Despite the duration of the changes it is perhaps surprising that the old problems of identity-conflict among academics have persisted, and even new academics are confronted by the old issues. This paper examines the literature of identity, including particularly its professional and organisational dimensions, before looking in detail at academic writing exploring academic identity itself. Having found the dimensions of the problem, it then suggests a number of avenues for research, which can help inform the decisions of individual academics, guide policy in higher education, and give direction to inquiries about other professions as well.

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