Increasing vegetable consumption through food service

Authors: Hemingway, A., Hartwell, H., Appleton, K. and Bevan, A.

Conference: EuroCHRIE conference

Dates: 7-17 October 2014


We are delighted to announce the start of the new pan European project that aims to promote vegetable consumption among adolescence and the elderly in Denmark, France, Italy and the UK. Adequate intake is fundamental to a healthy balanced diet, however, EU compliance with vegetable dietary guidelines is poor and further research is required to overcome consumption barriers. VeggiEAT is an industry-academia partnership led by Bournemouth University, UK with academic partners Aalborg University and the University of Florence and industrial/SME partners Bonduelle and the Institut Paul Bocuse Research Centre. The aim of VeggiEAT is to develop an EU platform for predictive modelling of vegetable intake in an out of home context through the establishment of consumer-oriented products (sensory analysis); the development of recipes for use by food providers (canteens); and the benchmarking of choice architecture in senior schools and care homes. The application of these results will add to the body of knowledge regarding consumer behaviour and preferences towards vegetables. This Industry-Academia-SME collaboration will invigorate the vegetable sector in Europe while addressing in a constructive way the EU objectives of healthier eating at population level.

Source: Manual

Preferred by: Ann Hemingway, Heather Hartwell and Katherine Appleton

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