Co-Creation through Technology: Dimensions of Social Connectedness

Authors: Neuhofer, Buhalis, D. and Ladkin, A.

Conference: ENTER2014 Conference

Dates: 21-24 January 2014

Journal: Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism

Pages: 339-352

Publisher: Springer

Place of Publication: Vienna

Source: Manual

Preferred by: Adele Ladkin and Dimitrios Buhalis

Co-creation Through Technology: Dimensions of Social Connectedness.

Authors: Neuhofer, B., Buhalis, D. and Ladkin, A.

Editors: Xiang, Z. and Tussyadiah, I.

Journal: ENTER

Pages: 339-352

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 978-3-319-03972-5

Source: DBLP