Performance Evaluation of Surface Protection Applied to Large Vehicles

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Authors: Saeed, A., Khan, Z. and Hadfield, M.

Start date: 21 April 2015

Publisher: Wessex Institute, UK

Large vehicles operate in various terrains and are exposed to extreme environmental and operating conditions. Structural failure through materials degradation of large vehicles is primarily associated with failures within the surface protections. The current research focuses on the experimental research conducted on two types of advanced micro-films protection (A) and protection (B) deployed on the surfaces of large vehicles. Both protective micro-films have different characteristics in terms of chemical and physical properties. Experimental data was collected by exposing twenty test samples to accelerated environmental conditions for 264 hours in order to evaluate their performance. Results show that the overall performance of the protection (A) was stable and no signs of failure were observed on the samples; however protection (B) started to fail during/after 192nd hour of the exposure.

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