SmartPowerchair: A pervasive system of systems

Authors: Whittington, P. and Dogan, H.

Journal: 2015 10th System of Systems Engineering Conference, SoSE 2015

Pages: 244-249

ISBN: 9781479976119

DOI: 10.1109/SYSOSE.2015.7151932


This paper presents the characterisation of a concept System of Systems called the SmartPowerchair, in which existing pervasive technologies are integrated into a standard powered wheelchair to enhance the quality of life through independent living. Traditional Systems Engineering focuses on building the right system whereas System of Systems focuses on selecting the right combination of systems and their interactions to satisfy a set of frequently changing requirements. The SmartPowerchair can be characterised as a System of Systems due to the integration of a finite number of constituent systems which are independent and interoperable, and networked together for a period of time to achieve a certain higher goal. A high-level two-dimensional System of Systems model is developed to illustrate the lifecycle stages of System of Systems and different levels including the Component, System, System of Systems and Capability levels. Usability evaluations and workload measurements of a constituent system is also provided.

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SmartPowerchair: A Pervasive System of Systems

Authors: Whittington, P., Dogan, H. and IEEE


Pages: 244-249

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SmartPowerchair: A Pervasive System of Systems

Authors: Whittington, P. and Dogan, H.

Conference: 10th International Conference on System of System Engineering (SoSE)

Dates: 18-20 May 2015

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