Necessity or Opportunity? Public Private Partnerships for Local Regeneration in Nigeria

Authors: Okwilagwe, O., Apostolakis, C. and Erdélyi, P.

Conference: European Academy of Management Conference

Dates: 17 June-20 July 2015


There is the trend for policy makers to implement policy solutions that have been adopted in the past or implemented in another country when faced with a new crisis. Local regeneration partnerships being one of such policy solutions are aimed at improving the quality of life of the local communities where they are being implemented. These partnership arrangements are embedded in local regeneration reform initiatives directed at achieving specific goals. They are expected to be designed to involve integrated responsibilities, obligations and requirements over a long-term agreement and are therefore subject to various uncertainties. It becomes imperative to investigate how certain collaboration elements facilitate partnerships working within certain contexts to achieve their intended goals. In this view, explicit attention is given to the collaboration elements; mutual interdependence, trust and transparency and how they facilitate the collaborative process of partnership arrangements in the context of a developing country, Nigeria. This investigation is carried out using data collected from semi-structured interviews carried out between March and April 2014 from key officials involved in local regeneration partnership arrangements.

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