Globelongers’ - Inspiring, Intrepid International Students

Authors: Eccles, S., Devis-Rozental, C., Jones, M.J. and Mayer, M.

Conference: Society for Research in HE

Dates: 9-11 December 2015


This small-scale study explored the lives and experiences of a group of international students in terms of how and why they chose to study at a UK university and how they felt they ‘fitted in’ with their cohort, programme and the wider institution. Through focus groups and individual interviews, what emerged was a community of ‘globelongers’ – students who belong wherever they are – adventurous, open-minded and inspiring. These students have the independence and confidence to seek out and maximise all opportunities available to them, to mix with a broad range of other students and to fit in to any social or academic situation. The study contributes to our understanding of the importance of ‘belonging’ as part of the transition into (and through) higher education and provides insights for practitioners in terms of further understanding and supporting all students at this important stage of their academic career.

Source: Manual