Aiming High: Undergraduate Research Projects in Computer Graphics and Animation

Authors: Anderson, E.F., Adzhiev, V. and Fryazinov, O.

Start date: 9 May 2016

Journal: EG 2016 - Education Papers

Pages: 17-24

Publisher: The Eurographics Association

ISSN: 1017-4656

DOI: 10.2312/eged.20161021

Among educators, the promotion of undergraduate research is a much debated topic, with issues arising from questions as to how it can be integrated with undergraduate degree programmes and how to structure its delivery. Undergraduate research is also considered important by employers, as can be seen in case of the computer game development and visual effects industries who demand that universities produce graduate software developers with not only vocational but also with rather advanced research skills. In this paper we present a successful undergraduate research course, implemented for one of our undergraduate degree programmes. It includes teaching and learning focussed on the nature of small team research and development as encountered in the creative industries dealing with computer graphics, computer animation and game development. We discuss our curriculum design and issues in conducting undergraduate research that we have identified through several iterations of the course.

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