The workings of safety advisory groups for two major international events

Authors: Braham, B.

Editors: Whitfield, J. and Ubaldino, C.

Conference: Making Waves in Macao

Dates: 7-9 September 2015

Pages: 91-103

Publisher: Institute of Tourism Studes, Macao, China

Place of Publication: Macao, China


The Bournemouth Air Festival (BAF) is one of the top ten air shows in the world (USA Today, 2013) and in 2014 it was joined by a second event catering for all types of wheeled transport, called the Bournemouth Wheels Festival (Wheels, 2015). This quickly became a major annual attraction. The author is the independent chair of the Safety Advisory Groups (SAG) for both.

Outwardly both events provide a great spectacle but behind the scenes a complex and professional organisation ensures that any eventuality that might affect the safety of anyone, whether visiting, participating or working, is anticipated and planned for. Whilst the two festivals share a common location the Wheels Festival provided a number of new safety challenges which are outlined.

The emphasis for Wheels moved from air displays to vehicles on the ground on both tarmac and sand surfaces and a modified approach was needed to providing a safe environment for vehicles as diverse as “Monster Trucks” and F1 cars to be demonstrated.

During the last two years safety advice for events has been enhanced by the publication of the “Purple Guide” (2015) which is widely regarded as best practice for event organisers. This paper particularly examines some of that guide’s recommendations regarding SAGs and reveals that Bournemouth’s model fully complies.

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