"Humanising the Interview Process”; an Evaluation of Service User/Carers Contribution to Value Based Recruitment in a Pre-registration Adult Nursing Programme.

Authors: Heaslip, V., Spriggs, A, Mills, A., Scammell, J., Warren, A., Mercer, A., Addis, A., Bond, M., Latchford, C. and Borwell, J.


Start date: 3 April 2016

Within the UK there has been move towards value based recruitment (VBR) as a response to some highly publicised poor standards of care with the National Health Service (Francis 2013). In 2014, Health Education England (HEE) published their VBR Framework which articulated how recruitment of healthcare practitioners needed to focus on how applicants’ individual values/behaviours aligned with core values of the NHS Constitution (DoH 2013). Higher Education Institutes were expected to comply as 50% of student nurse programmes are based in healthcare settings. During 2014-2015 the pre-registration adult nursing team redesigned the interview process to increase a focus on VBR: integral to this, we felt was the inclusion of Service Users/Carers within the interview process. Following training SU/Carers graded applicants in a group activity alongside academic and practice partners.

There have been few research studies published evaluating SU/Carers engagement in Pre-registration Adult Nursing interviews probably due to the challenges of implementing SU/Carer engagement in the large cohort numbers that adult nursing attracts. This mixed-method evaluation analysed the perspectives of differing stakeholders (Candidates, SU/Carers, Academics and Practice Partners) regarding the role SU/Carer engagement in Adult Nursing Pre-registration interviews. Early findings from candidates have highlighted they value the involvement of SU/Carers in the interview process, SU/Carers add a “human dimension” ensuring a focus on the heart of nursing and its value base rather than the role of nursing and associated nursing tasks. This paper will present the full evaluation identifying areas of good practice, some of the challenges as well recommendations for future work.

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