Meaningful CSR Communication via Digital Media

Authors: Bolat, E. and Memery, J.

Start date: 4 July 2016

It has regularly been stated that consumer demand for CSR is larger than ever, but do consumers really want to be informed about the ethical behaviour of brands? Does digital media have an impact on meaningful CSR communication? A research analysing consumer reaction to social media posts about CSR is limited. Using mixed method, this study examined the UK consumer attitudes towards CSR and its communication in digital media plus its consequent effect on purchasing intentions. Results indicate that consumers are more likely to evaluate a brand higher if made aware of CSR activity, which in turn affects purchase intention. Consumers have fairly positive attitudes about CSR communicated on digital media, but may react negatively if the message contradicts prior behaviour of the brand. Overall, the study show support for the communication of digital media but brands looking to enhance a damaged reputation must take great consideration over the message at hand.

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