A 3D human motion refinement method based on sparse motion bases selection

Authors: Wang, Z., Feng, Y., Liu, S., Xiao, J., Yang, X. and Zhang, J.J.

Journal: ACM International Conference Proceeding Series

Volume: 23-25-May-2016

Pages: 53-60

ISBN: 9781595930361

DOI: 10.1145/2915926.2915943


Motion capture (MOCAP) is an important technique that is widely used in many areas such as computer animation, film industry, physical training and so on. Even with professional MOCAP system, the missing marker problems always occur. Motion refinement is an essential preprocessing step for MOCAP data based applications. Although many existing approaches for motion refinement have been developed, it is still a challenging task due to the complexity and diversity of human motion. A data driven based motion refinement method is proposed in this paper, which modifies the traditional sparse coding process for special task of motion recovery from missing parts. Meanwhile, the objective function is derived by taking both statistical and kinematical property of motion data into account. Poselet model and moving window grouping are applied in the proposed method to achieve a fine-grained feature representation, which preserves the embedded spatial-Temporal kinematic information. 5 motion dictionaries are learnt for each kind of poselet from training data in parallel.The motion refine problem is finally solved as an 1-minimization problem. Compared with several state-of-Art motion refine methods, the experimental result shows that our approach outperforms the competitors.

Source: Scopus