Media brand architecture: managing network, channel, programme and talent personalities

Authors: Oliver, J.J., Chapleo, C. and Seyed Esfahani

Conference: European Media Management Association

Dates: 11-12 May 2017


Media brands have personalities, but how are these personalities managed across a brand architecture that consists of a network, channels, programmes and programme talent? This paper examines the issue of media brand management through the lens of brand personality. It argues that an effective brand management strategy needs to ensure coherence across the multiple brand personalities present within the brand architecture. The research on media branding has become increasingly prominent to the extent that it is now a distinct and quickly evolving discipline within the field of media management (Ots, 2008; Chan-Olmsted and Kim, 2010; Siegert et al 2015). Our research draws on the seminal work of Aaker (1997) and her conceptualisation of brand personality as the human characteristics associated with a brand. We argue that multiple personalities, within a brand architecture, need to be coherently managed in order to successfully engage audiences who tend to endorse brands that are consistent with their own notion of ‘self’ (Forster, 2015).

Our paper will present the findings from a large scale survey of audience members who were asked to classify human characteristics associated with personalities within a branded house architecture (Aaker and Joachimsthaler, 2000) consisting of the BBC (network), BBC2 (channel), Top Gear (programme) and Chris Evans (programme talent). Descriptive and inferential statistics have been used to investigate our theoretical framework and we will conclude that the management of multiple brand personalities will be more effective when the personalities ‘fit’ with each other and that the ineffective management of these brand personalities.

Whilst this research adds to our theoretical understanding of brand architecture in a media context, it also develops our knowledge of how multiple brand personalities interact and fit with each other across the media brand architecture. We also believe that our findings could lay the foundations for generalizability on how to manage multiple brand personalities within a broader architecture; and have practical relevance for media brand managers.

Key words: Brand Personality, Brand Architecture, Brand Management, Audience Engagement, Media Brand, Media Management.

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