Scale Model Games (SMG): An introduction to a new type of game play

Authors: Simons, A.

Start date: 11 July 2016

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Authors: Simons, A., Pedersen, K., Abdulaziz, H. and Melacca, D.

Editors: Faily, S., Jiang, N., Dogan, H. and Taylor, J.

Journal: BCS HCI

Publisher: BCS

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Authors: Simons, A., Pedersen, K., Abdulaziz, H. and Melacca, D.

Journal: Proceedings of the 30th International BCS Human Computer Interaction Conference, HCI 2016

Volume: 2016-July

DOI: 10.14236/ewic/HCI2016.78

© Selvaraj et al. In this paper, we introduce a new and innovative game play approach that utilizes collaborative multiplayer video game technology to control and manipulate physical miniature models remotely to offer an immersive gaming experience for playing out battlefield scenarios. Classical gameplay with miniature soldier and cannon models for specific war scenes is still in use today and many miniature toys are available for children and adults from toy manufacturers. During the nineties of the last century computer games became more popular and the development of old school toys such as these miniatures is in decline. Remote Controlled scale models (toys) do not give the same immersion as interactive realistic motion control and image display as found in video games. We propose Scale Model Games (SMG), a new type of game play that will provide a solution to this problem and make the gameplay a lot more immersive by integrating the game play of physical models with online multiplayer. This paper defines exactly what SMG stands for and presents a methodology that could be exploited for different gameplays such as miniature toys like tanks, cars, airplanes and boats for hobby or professional use. As a working example, the methodology for a tank battle game is described in this paper.

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