FACETEQ; A novel platform for measuring emotion in VR

This source preferred by Ellen Seiss, Emili Balaguer-Ballester and Ifigeneia Mavridou

Authors: Mavridou, I., McGhee, J.T., Hamedi, M., Fatoorechi, M., Cleal, A., Balaguer-Ballester, E., Seiss, E., Cox, G. and Nduka, C.


Start date: 22 March 2017

Journal: VRIC'17

Publisher: ACM

FaceTeq prototype v.05 is a wearable technology for measuring facial expressions and biometric responses for experimental studies in Virtual Reality. Developed by Emteq Ltd laboratory, FaceTeq can enable new avenues for virtual reality research through combination of high performance patented dry sensor technologies, proprietary algorithms and real-time data acquisition and streaming. FaceTeq project was founded with the aim to provide a human-centred additional tool for emotion expression, affective human-computer interaction and social virtual environments. The proposed poster will exhibit the hardware and its functionality.

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