An Intelligent Recommendation Model for Coach Operators

Authors: Manoharan M, Sahandi, R., Prakoonwit, S. and Khan, W.

Start date: 28 January 2018

Journal: IEEE Xplore®

In recent years, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) have grown rapidly by solving problems in the transport industry through state of the art solutions. Coach Operators’ non-compliance is an issue in the UK, which require attention. Last year alone, 137 coach operator licenses have been revoked without public enquiry, equating to invalidating 11 licenses on average every week. The main reasons for this problem is the coach operators’ negligence and failing to respond to safety issues associated with their fleet. An Intelligent Recommendation Model for Coach Operators is proposed. The model by analysing the track record of Operator’s Compliance Risk Score (OCRS), provides recommendations to improve safety. An initial evaluation shows that the model has achieved its intended purpose and provided accurate and suitable recommendations to the two operators to improve safety of their fleets.

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