An Intelligent Recommendation Model for Coach Operators

Authors: Ramachandran, M., Sahandi, R., Prakoonwit, S., Khan, W. and Sahandi, M.

Conference: International Conference On Electrical, Electronics, Computers, Communication, Mechanical And Computing (EECCMC)

Dates: 28-29 January 2018


Coach based school transportation is a less investigated area in the continent of United Kingdom. Though they are considered the safest mode of transport for children, coaches have a significantly high number of fatalities per accident. There are a limited number of studies which have implemented qualitative interviews to analyse the safety of children travelling in coaches but no standard methods were followed to prepare the questions for the interviews. There are no standard methods available to analyse the safety of children travelling in coaches in the UK. To rectify this issue, an interview guide called Coach Travel Safety Analysis Matrix is proposed in this paper. It is based on the Haddon Matrix which is used as a standard tool to analyze bus and coach accidents. The proposed matrix can be utilised to frame questions for the qualitative interviews to systematically analyse the safety of children travelling in the coaches in the UK. As this matrix is generic, it can also be used in continents other than the UK.

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