Innovation Adoption in Robotic Surgery - A Surgical Innovation Framework using Royal Bournemouth Hospital

Authors: Seyed Esfahani, M., Heydari Khajehpour, S., Roushan, G. and Howell, R.

Start date: 17 June 2018


Pages: 1-16

Robotic Surgery is studied as an innovative surgical procedure and we examine the way Robotic Surgery is adopted by healthcare professionals in Royal Bournemouth Hospital. This research aims to develop a Surgical Innovation Framework (SIF) that incorporates the broader adoption of surgical innovation for the National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom. The aim of the framework is to assist the NHS in its determination and adoption of surgical innovation. The framework is developed taking into consideration The recent reports by the Department of Health and Social Care, NHS, NICE and existing body of knowledge. The proposed model considers unique characteristics of Robotic Surgery, NHS as the host organization, healthcare professionals as adopters and other elements such as communication channels. An end-to-end communication pathway is developed for the robotic surgery team to identify stakeholders involved in this process.

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