Evaluation of In-Plane Shear Failure in Composite Laminates

Authors: Vali-Shariatpanahi, S., Jevons, M., Noroozi, S. and Vinney, J.

Conference: 49th AIAA/ASME/ASCE/AHS/ASC Structures, Structural Dynamics, and Materials

Dates: 7-10 April 2008


This paper presents a study of the characteristics of specific CFRP that is comprised of five different balanced layups, each with 12 plies of cured laminate. It describes an experimental program undertaken to establish the material properties. These material properties were then used as the basis for conducting analysis of a new type of fastener joint for use with composite laminates in the aerospace industry. Over 40 shear tests were carried out using 6 specimens for each respective lay-up. All geometric parameters were kept constant. A FE model was used to help to understand why each specimen failed. Shear failures were observed for 0o, 45o, 90o and all possible combinations of these.

Source: Manual

Preferred by: John Vinney and Siamak Noroozi