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Professor Chantal Simon

  • csimon at bournemouth dot ac dot uk
  • GP Programme Director
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Journal Articles

  • Cheshire, A., Hughes, J., Lewith, G., Panagioti, M., Peters, D., Simon, C. and Ridge, D., 2017. GPs' perceptions of resilience training: a qualitative study. BRITISH JOURNAL OF GENERAL PRACTICE, 67 (663), E709-E715.
  • Cheshire, A., Ridge, D., Hughes, J., Peters, D., Panagioti, M., Simon, C. and Lewith, G., 2017. Influences on GP coping and resilience: a qualitative study in primary care. BRITISH JOURNAL OF GENERAL PRACTICE, 67 (659), E428-E436.
  • Modi, N. and Simon, C., 2016. Child health care: adequate training for all UK GPs is long overdue. The British journal of general practice : the journal of the Royal College of General Practitioners, 66 (646), 228-229.
  • Cocksedge, K., Shankar, R. and Simon, C., 2016. Depression and pain: the need for a new screening tool. PROGRESS IN NEUROLOGY AND PSYCHIATRY, 20 (1), 26-+.
  • Simon, C., Lown, M., Lewith, G. and Peters, D., 2015. Resilience: what is it, why do we need it, and can it help us? British Journal of General Practice, 65 (639), e708-e710.
  • Cocksedge, K.A., Simon, C. and Shankar, R., 2014. A difficult combination: chronic physical illness, depression, and pain. BRITISH JOURNAL OF GENERAL PRACTICE, 64 (626), 440-441.
  • Simon, C., Kumar, S. and Kendrick, T., 2009. Cohort study of informal carers of first-time stroke survivors: Profile of health and social changes in the first year of caregiving. SOCIAL SCIENCE & MEDICINE, 69 (3), 404-410.
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