Chembamba kina siri kubwa

Authors: Callus, P., Davis, T., Callus, P. and Rega, I.

Dates: 1 December 2018-28 February 2019


Curator and Contributor for the In/Visible Margins (2018) at the Lees Gallery, Bournemouth University. A curated exhibition of work collected from artists in Kenya who operate within digital spaces and whose work connects to marginal voices.

Chembamba kina siri kubwa.

an installation by Tom Davis and Paula Callus

Some stories are hard to tell to others. The vessel of secrets invites you to gift your secret to the vase.

This piece emerged from reflections upon the voices of marginalised people. It recognised that marginalised groups in different cultures and places may or may not speak about their experiences publicly, as they may face persecution and be socially stigmatised. Chembamba kina siri kubwa, is also Swahili idiom found on the Kanga, meaning ‘Small things hold big secrets’.


Source: Manual