Gregory Murray

Gregory Murray

  • gmurray at bournemouth dot ac dot uk
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I am a behavioural ecologist with interests from individual behaviours to population dynamics. My current research topics include the ecology and management of riverine fish and individual based modelling of both natural and artificial systems. My work on riverine fish covers factors influencing their foraging (e.g. foraging behaviour and functional response) and their recruitment in the environment (from distribution and growth to river management). Outputs of my work include the development of an individual based model, probability distribution models and foraging videography behavioural experiments. I regularly work with roach Rutilus rutilus, although I have also worked with bean weevil, aphid and parasitoid wasp species. I have been working on the Suffolk Stour, in the South East of England during my PhD. My work has focused on informing river management strategy and fresh water fish behavioural ecology through fieldwork, foraging behavioural experiments and writing an individual based model of riverine fishes...


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  • MRes in Bioinformatics (Lancaster University, 2009)
  • BSc (Hons) in Biology (University of Dundee, 2007)