Gavin Weston

Dr Gavin Weston

  • gweston at bournemouth dot ac dot uk
  • Senior Lecturer in Social Sciences
  • BG-501,
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My doctoral research was on Guatemalan vigilantism, and while I still consider the anthropology of violence my primary field of research, since completing my PhD at Sussex in 2008 I have written and researched on topics spanning from the Antiques Roadshow, human group size relating to brain physiology, ghost walks, horror films and gambling advertising. My most recent book (with Natalie Djohari) explores the history of anthropology through controversies, aiming to introduce those new to anthropology to its history without glossing over the more problematic areas. Since 2021 I have been conducting research for the British Academy/Leverhulme funded project ‘Watching the Coast’ looking at non-state vigilance on the South coast of the UK.

I took what many would consider a teaching route into academia beginning as an Associate Tutor in 2004 during my DPhil at the University of Sussex, and as an Associate Lecturer from 2007-9. In 2009 I became a Teaching Fellow at Durham University, before moving to Goldsmiths...


Journal Articles


  • Weston, G. and Djohari, N., 2020. Anthropological controversies: The ‘crimes’ and misdemeanours that shaped a discipline.
  • Weston, G. and Djohari, N., 2020. Anthropological Controversies The Crimes and Misdemeanors That Shaped a Discipline. Routledge.
  • Weston, G., 2019. Guatemalan vigilantism and the global (Re)Production of collective violence: A tale of two lynchings.


  • Weston, G., Leizaola, R. and Woodman, J., 2023. Cannibalizing ethnographic film: anthropology's complicated relationship with found footage horror. In: Booth, R. and Griffiths, V., eds. Filtered Reality: The Progenitors of Found Footage Horror. United Kingdom: House of Leaves Publishing, 111-132.
  • Weston, G., 2018. Rights. The International Encyclopedia of Anthropology. Wiley.
  • Weston, G. and Burrell, J., 2008. Lynchings and Post-War Complexities in Guatemala. In: Pratten, D. and Sen, A., eds. Global Vigilantes. London: Hurst & Company.


  • Watching the Coast (Brotish Academy/Leverhulme, 01 Sep 2022). Awarded

External Responsibilities

  • Durham University - Anthropology Department, External Examiner (2022-)
  • Teaching Anthropology - Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, Editor-in-Chief (2020-)
  • Royal Anthropological Institute, Member of Education and Publication Committees (2020-)


  • Higher Education Academy, Senior Fellow (2019-),