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Jib Acharya

  • jacharya at bournemouth dot ac dot uk
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I am currently a research scholar at Faculty of Health and Social Sciences of Bournemouth University, working under the supervision of Professor Edwin van Teijlingen, Associate Professor Dr. Jane Murphy and Senior lecturer Dr. Martin Hind. I am primarily interested in public health nutrition particularly knowledge, attitudes and beliefs about a healthy diet. Beside this, I am keenly interested in assessing the level of knowledge, attitudes and beliefs particularly, food and health seeking behaviour amongst the rural and urban population. Similarly, I am also interested in exploring the existing beliefs which influence food and health seeking behaviours of the society particularly in the developing world. I have been disseminating my research outcomes to wider populations through the presentation in various conferences/workshops at local, regional and international level and peer reviewed publications. I have completed MSc (Community Eye Health) and Ph.D. (Public Health Nutrition) at University College London (UCL) and Bournemouth University (BU), England...


Journal Articles



  • Acharya and Acharya, 2001. Barriers to Uptake of Eye care Services for Leprosy Patients in Nepal. Master's Thesis. University College London.

PhD Students

  • Jib Acharya, 2017. Knowledge, Attitudes, beliefs and behaviour of mothers of young children related to healthy eating: Comparing rural and urban perspectives in Nepal
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