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Dr Jose Blazquez

  • Lecturer in Media Production
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José M. Blázquez is a practitioner and lecturer in media production. Previously, he held two postdoctoral research positions at the Faculty of Media and Communications at Bournemouth University. His work has been published in academic journals, newspapers and other publishing venues as well as screened and exhibited internationally. His first monograph, ‘Participatory Worlds: The Limits of Audience Participation’, will be published by Routledge in 2021.

Additionally, José has been teaching and supervising students at Bournemouth University (2019- ), University of Nottingham (2016-2019) and the University of Valladolid (2010-2011) and held research-oriented roles at the University of Granada (2010-2012) and the University of Nottingham (2014-2019).


José’s main research interests revolve around the study of audience participation, creative industries and practices (publishing, film, comic, videogame and photography), transmedia and interactive storytelling, game studies and digital media technologies. He has also been involved in research projects about the representation of immigration in news, film and literature and the impact of transmedia narratives in creative industries. José is currently working with Dr Anna Feigenbaum and other colleagues in the AHRC-funded project ‘Comics in the time of COVID-19: How public health messages are communicated through web-based Comics’.

Journal Articles


  • "Press start": The use of videogame assets in audience creative practices' (Arts Council England, 15 Oct 2020). Awarded


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