Catherine Johnson

Catherine Johnson

  • johnsonc at bournemouth dot ac dot uk
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Catherine Johnson is a PhD student studying the psychological impact of complications and errors on surgeons.

Her research is backed by the Royal College of Surgeons and will involve a large scale national survey, which will generate a quantified description of the impact of adverse events on surgeons to enable us to compare their effects and to isolate the factors that are associated with impact. Results from the survey will provide us with a national picture that we are currently lacking and will be able to inform decision making and provide quantifiable leverage for influencing policy change.

Catherine's background is in education, having gained her PGCE in 2010 and teaching for 4 years in head of department and behaviour specialist roles. Catherine then completed an MSc in Psychology focusing on the efficacy of digit span testing as a measure of actual short-term memory capacity in children. utilising quantitative research methods, statistical analysis and application to cognitive theory within her research...


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