Paradigm shift-engaging academics in social media-the case of Bournemouth university

Authors: Kalashyan, I., Kaneva, D., Lee, S., Knapp, D., Roushan, G. and Bobeva, M.

Journal: Proceedings of the European Conference on e-Learning, ECEL

Pages: 662-665

eISSN: 2048-8645

ISSN: 2048-8637


It has always been a challenge to introduce new technologies to academics and for them to follow with the rate of change in learning tools. More recently however, academics have had to respond to a level of change that is both rapid and intrusive. This paper considers ways in which universities can reduce the widening generation gap that technology is creating between academics and their students. Students to access and share learning materials increasingly use social media and academics are forced to consider the pedagogical value of these platforms. Many have been left feeling isolated and in many cases intimidated by the pervasive nature of social media in their professional life. Where academics do adopt new forms of technology to enhance students' learning experience, this is done with little or no support from the institution and in fact, many regard the bureaucracy of central university services and the inflexibility of IT services as impeding their efforts. This paper reports the outcome of the first step in a study that focuses on developing a more systematic approach to academic's engagement with Social Media.

Source: Scopus

Preferred by: Milena Bobeva and Gelareh Roushan