A state of the art survey in the use of video games for upper limb stroke rehabilitation

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Authors: O’Neil, O., Gatzidis, C. and Swain, I.

Journal: Intelligent Systems Reference Library

Volume: 68

Pages: 345-370

eISSN: 1868-4408

ISSN: 1868-4394

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-54816-1_18

Recent developments in approaches to stroke rehabilitation include the use of video games as a mechanism to enhance motivation and compliance to upper limb motor practice. The fields of robotics and virtual reality use gaming simulations in order to promote high volumes of task specific movements that are capable of facilitating functional recovery. In this chapter we present a state of the art survey on the design, issues, clinical impact, and finally range of technologies that use video games as part of targeted interventions for the upper limb.

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