Developing Socio-Emotional Intelligence in First Year Students

Authors: Eccles, S., Devis-Rozental, C. and Mayer, M.

Journal: American Journal of Educational Research

There is an under-studied relationship between socio-emotional intelligence and bespoke one-to-one Learning Development (LD) support, offered to first year HE students both Undergraduate and Postgraduate. In order to bridge this gap and following a focus group where current students expressed how socio-emotional intelligence impacted on their university experience, progression and success, a qualitative action research study a UK institution, has been taking place by exploring student’s feedback to see if the support provided during bespoke 1-1 tutorials, supports their development of socio-emotional intelligence by looking at key words and overall academic and personal development. The formative findings presented in this practice evidenced report in order to share our practice, corroborate the positive impact on aspects of socio-emotional intelligence for students accessing this type of support, and how the availability of and access to LD support, assists students in their transition to Higher Education, reduce withdrawal rates and significantly enhances the student learning experience. Thus, by focusing on developing their socio-emotional intelligence, students strengthen those personal attributes aiding their learning and wider student experience.

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