Familiarity and liking of vegetables: Is it important for vegetable consumption?

Authors: Bevan, A., Hemingway, A., Appleton, K.M., Hartwell, H., Magnante, O., Perez-Cueto, A., Monteleone, E., Giboreau, A. and Depezay, L.


Journal: British Journal of School Nursing

Volume: 11

Issue: 3

Pages: 125-130

Publisher: Mark Allen Healthcare

ISSN: 1752-2803

DOI: 10.12968/bjsn.2016.11.3.125

The results presented in this paper are part of the early findings from a large European study, VeggiEAT involving the UK, Denmark, France and Italy with the aim of improving vegetable consumption in young people and older people. The results presented here are from UK young people (aged 12–14) focusing on familiarity and liking of vegetables and looking at their vegetable consumption and awareness of what constitutes a healthy diet. The study adds to the literature on vegetable familiarity, liking and consumption in this age group.

Early exposure of young children to a variety of vegetables is very important and parents/carers and school nurses need to understand the importance of this in terms of the foods offered and available early within a child`s life and the potential influence of this on vegetable consumption over their lifetime.

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