Progress in tourism and destination wellbeing research

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Authors: Hartwell, H., Fyall, A., Willis, C., Page, S., Ladkin, A. and Hemingway, A.

Journal: Current Issues in Tourism

Pages: 1-63

ISSN: 1368-3500

DOI: 10.1080/13683500.2016.1223609

© 2016 Informa UK Limited, trading as Taylor & Francis Group A proliferation of research in recent years has revealed a myriad of relationships between tourism and the concept of wellbeing. These include health benefits of visiting tourist destinations, a product focus on wellness and maintaining good health. Broader interpretations emphasize the complex ways in which tourism can influence the emotional, psychological, cognitive and spiritual dimensions of wellbeing, both for tourists and for destination communities. This study reflects an emerging paradigm shift that incorporates a deeper appreciation of the benefits derived at the destination level from a focus on health and wellbeing. The study highlights three key perspectives, namely the tourist, the destination community and the destination itself. The study concludes that research in this area is critical to the future development, management and marketing of sustainable and competitive destinations with the wellbeing of tourists, their destination host communities, and the overall destination experience, critical to their ultimate success.

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