Developing socio-emotional intelligence in first year HE students through one-to-one learning development tutorials

Authors: Devis-Rozental, C., Eccles, S. and Mayer, M.

Journal: Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education

Publisher: Association for Learning Development in Higher Education

ISSN: 1759-667X


The relationship between socio-emotional intelligence and one-to-one Learning Development (LD) support offered to HE students is relatively under-explored. Socio-emotional attributes are often difficult to achieve solely within the classroom environment, although we know that engaging students in becoming more confident, resilient and self-aware can reduce their likelihood of withdrawal from their studies and improve personal achievement and success. This study explored whether the support provided during one-to-one LD tutorials enhances areas of students’ socio-emotional intelligence and, in turn, positively impacts on their overall academic and personal development. Through a focus group with students and analysing feedback given by students from one UK university in the south of England, the experiences and benefits of receiving faculty-based LD support were explored. The findings suggest that students accessing this type of support further develop aspects of socio-emotional intelligence. This assists students in their transition into and through Higher Education, can reduce withdrawal rates and significantly enhances the individual student’s learning experience. We argue that supporting students in developing areas of socio-emotional intelligence such as motivation, self-awareness and confidence as part of the LD provision, empowers them to successfully complete their learning journey and benefit from the wider student experience.

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