Older peoples’ preferences and challenges when using digital technology: a systematic review with particular reference to digital games

Authors: Fenge, L., Melacca, D., Lee, S. and Rosenorn-Lanng, E.

Journal: International Journal of Education and Ageing

Volume: 5

Issue: 1

Pages: 61-78


Digital games offer an increasingly important way for older people to access new knowledge and skills particularly in terms of improving health and well-being. Currently there is limited research exploring how older people interact with digital games, and this review of the literature contributes insights into the preferences and limitations that older users encounter when using digital technology.

Although older users of technology do not present as a homogeneous group due to differences linked to experience, specific older age cohort, dexterity and sensory loss, several key considerations are identified. Key factors include those linked to usability, learnability, efficiency, and satisfaction for the user and the article concludes with a suggestion that bespoke tools should be developed in an inclusive way with older peoples’ needs and experiences as a central consideration.


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