The ‘Undocuqueer’ movement and DREAMers: activist online space and the affective queer body

Authors: Pullen, C. and Franklin, I.

Journal: Interactions: Studies in Communication &Culture


This paper explores the advent of the ‘Undocuqueer’ movement, an activist social network that represents the life chances of undocumented queer youth migrants in the USA, arguing for acceptance, equality and integration, with a particular focus on needs for education. Considering the promise of the DREAM (Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors) Act (a possible legislative act that would offer education to undocumented migrant youth), this paper offers an historical and cultural foundation as to the emergence of the Undocuqueer movement, and also theoretical insight into the use of online technology utilising ‘transmedia testimonio’ (Zimmerman 2016). Relating the significance of the affective queer body, this paper contextualises the work of Sara Ahmed with regards to queer phenomenology, arguing that the online work of the Undocuqueer movement, offers a model for queer activism, framing the performative potential of undocumented queer youth, attempting to gain civil rights.

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