In the Footsteps of Vespasian: rethinking the Roman legionary fortress at Lake Farm, Wimborne Minster

Authors: Russell, M., Cheetham, P., Stewart, D. and John, D.

Journal: Proceedings of the Dorset Natural History & Archaeological Society

Volume: 141

ISSN: 0070-7112

A recent geophysical survey of the Roman fortress at Lake Farm, near Wimborne Minster, first discovered in 1959, has clarified the nature and extent of the site, a major base of the Legio II Augusta during the conquest of the Durotriges and other tribes of South-West Britain in the mid-40s AD. A reconsideration of the social context and landscape setting of the legionary fortress is presented here and the suggestion is made that it was quite probably the site of Isca, as noted by the Roman geographer Ptolemy

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