A Robust Audio Watermarking Scheme based on Quantization Method for Convert Communication

Authors: Qureshi, H.A., Habi, M.Y., Chishti, A.R., John, D. and Prakoonwit, S.

Journal: Test Engineering and Management

Volume: 82

Pages: 12807-12813

Publisher: Mattingley Publishing Co., Inc.

ISSN: 0193-4120


In this modern era, the importance of multimedia information security cannot be denied. This research paper presents an efficient, secure and reliable audio watermarking scheme based on quantization method for covert communication of digital audio files. The proposed Audio Watermarking Scheme is robust to noise attacks, thus providing safe and secure communication between the transmitter and the receiver. The proposed scheme is implemented in MATLAB. The simulations are carried out and the results are explained with the help of graphs. The audio watermarking is done by quantizing an audio sound and converting it into bits. These bits are then watermarked behind another audio sound having the same number of quantized samples as the number of bits so that each bit is exactly watermarked behind each sample. The audio watermarked sound is then transmitted and the two different sounds i.e. the watermarked sound and the carrier sound are separated at the receiver side

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