HE staff’s attitudes and expectations about their role in induction activities

Authors: Devis-Rozental, C. and Clarke, S.

Journal: Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education

Issue: 21

Publisher: Association for Learning Development in Higher Education

ISSN: 1759-667X


The views of higher education staff regarding their role in the induction period have not been fully explored. Yet this transition to university is a complex period for students. In the UK, many students who are going to university leave home, some for the first time. As they arrive they have to deal with many new and sometimes difficult situations they may not have encountered before. During the induction period students come across many staff within the university and these interactions are vital to support students in developing a sense of belonging within the university community. This small-scale project sought to evaluate the current provision for the induction process in a UK university to identify areas for improvement, by seeking views regarding the induction activities from staff within a UK university. Findings from a staff survey with 58 participants suggest opportunities to improve practice. The main areas identified were a need for better communication between teams, and effective training and support for staff to understand the issues students may face and the type of support they will need. Additionally, the need to develop a more unifying understanding of every member of the university as an active participant within the induction process was highlighted.



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