Article optimized unidirectional and bidirectional stiffened objects for minimum material consumption of 3d printing

Authors: Zheng, A., Zhu, Z., Bian, S., Chang, J., Haron, H., Iglesias, A., You, L. and Zhang, J.

Journal: Mathematics

Volume: 9

Issue: 21

eISSN: 2227-7390

DOI: 10.3390/math9212835


3D printing, regarded as the most popular additive manufacturing technology, is finding many applications in various industrial sectors. Along with the increasing number of its industrial applications, reducing its material consumption and increasing the strength of 3D printed objects have become an important topic. In this paper, we introduce unidirectionally and bidirectionally stiffened structures into 3D printing to increase the strength and stiffness of 3D printed objects and reduce their material consumption. To maximize the advantages of such stiffened structures, we investigated finite element analysis, especially for general cases of stiffeners in arbitrary positions and directions, and performed optimization design to minimize the total volume of stiffened structures. Many examples are presented to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed finite element analysis and optimization design as well as significant reductions in the material costs and stresses in 3D printed objects stiffened with unidirectional and bidirectional stiffeners.

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