Dynamic Modeling and Simulation of a Rotating Single Link Flexible Robotic Manipulator Subject to Quick Stops

Authors: Dupac, M. and Noroozi, S.

Journal: Strojniški vestnik - Journal of Mechanical Engineering

Volume: 60

Issue: 7/8

Pages: 475-482

ISSN: 0039-2480


Single link robotic manipulators are extensively used in industry and research operations. The main design requirement of such manipulators is to minimize link dynamic deflection and its active end vibrations, and obtain high position accuracy during its high speed motion. To achieve these requirements, accurate mathematical modeling and simulation of the initial design, to increase system stability and precision and to obtain very small amplitudes of vibration, should be considered. In this paper the modeling of such robotic arm with a rigid guide and a flexible extensible link subject to quick stops after each complete revolution is considered and its dynamical behavior analyzed. The extensible link which rotates with constant angular velocity has one end constrained to a predefined trajectory. The constrained trajectory allows trajectory control and obstacle avoidance for the active end of the robotic arm. The dynamic evolution of the system is investigated and the flexural response of the flexible link analyzed under the combined effect of clearance and flexibility..


Source: BURO EPrints