Human motion retrieval based on freehand sketch

Authors: Tang, Z., Xiao, J., Feng, Y., Yang, X. and Zhang, J.J.

Journal: Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds

Volume: 25

Issue: 3-4

Pages: 273-281

ISSN: 1546-4261


In this paper, we present an integrated framework of human motion retrieval based on freehand sketch. With some simple rules, the user can acquire a desired motion by sketching several key postures. To retrieve efficiently and accurately by sketch, the 3D postures are projected onto several 2D planes. The limb direction feature is proposed to represent the input sketch and the projected-postures. Furthermore, a novel index structure based on k-d tree is constructed to index the motions in the database, which speeds up the retrieval process. With our posture-by-posture retrieval algorithm, a continuous motion can be got directly or generated by using a pre-computed graph structure. What's more, our system provides an intuitive user interface. The experimental results demonstrate the effectiveness of our method. © 2014 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

Source: BURO EPrints