C-XAI: A conceptual framework for designing XAI tools that support trust calibration

Authors: Naiseh, M., Simkute, A., Zieni, B., Jiang, N. and Ali, R.

Journal: Journal of Responsible Technology

Volume: 17

eISSN: 2666-6596

DOI: 10.1016/j.jrt.2024.100076


Recent advancements in machine learning have spurred an increased integration of AI in critical sectors such as healthcare and criminal justice. The ethical and legal concerns surrounding fully autonomous AI highlight the importance of combining human oversight with AI to elevate decision-making quality. However, trust calibration errors in human-AI collaboration, encompassing instances of over-trust or under-trust in AI recommendations, pose challenges to overall performance. Addressing trust calibration in the design process is essential, and eXplainable AI (XAI) emerges as a valuable tool by providing transparent AI explanations. This paper introduces Calibrated-XAI (C-XAI), a participatory design framework specifically crafted to tackle both technical and human factors in the creation of XAI interfaces geared towards trust calibration in Human-AI collaboration. The primary objective of the C-XAI framework is to assist designers of XAI interfaces in minimising trust calibration errors at the design level. This is achieved through the adoption of a participatory design approach, which includes providing templates, guidance, and involving diverse stakeholders in the design process. The efficacy of C-XAI is evaluated through a two-stage evaluation study, demonstrating its potential to aid designers in constructing user interfaces with trust calibration in mind. Through this work, we aspire to offer systematic guidance to practitioners, fostering a responsible approach to eXplainable AI at the user interface level.

Source: Scopus