Mohammad Naiseh

Dr Mohammad Naiseh

  • Lecturer in Data Science & AI
  • Poole House P334b, Talbot Campus, Fern Barrow, Poole, BH12 5BB
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Mohammad (Mo) Naiseh holds the position of Lecturer in AI and Data Science at Bournemouth University, UK. Within the Department of Computing and Informatics, he combines his academic and professional expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). He completed his PhD in Computing at Bournemouth University, UK, with a dissertation titled "C-XAI: Design Method for Explainable AI Interfaces to Enhance Trust Calibration."

Previously, he served as a post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Southampton for a period of two years. During this time, his research focused on trustworthy AI, specifically emphasizing the explainability, interpretability, and fairness of AI systems. His primary objective is to develop AI systems that align with human values and ethics, ensuring their positive impact on society and the economy. To achieve this, he explores the integration of emerging AI algorithms with human-centered design practices. His research methodology involves employing quantitative and qualitative methods to generate recommendations for technology design...



- Human-AI teaming - Human-Centred AI - Explainable AI

Journal Articles


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  • Naiseh, M., Soorati, M.D. and Ramchurn, S., 2023. Outlining the design space of eXplainable swarm (xSwarm): experts perspective.
  • Abioye, A.O., Naiseh, M., Hunt, W., Clark, J., Ramchurn, S.D. and Soorati, M.D., 2023. The Effect of Data Visualisation Quality and Task Density on Human-Swarm Interaction.

Profile of Teaching UG

  • Economics of Information Security
  • Security Information and Event Management
  • Ethical Hacking & Countermeasures
  • Networks and Cyber Security

External Responsibilities

  • University of Southampton, Visiting Researcher (2023-2024)

Internal Responsibilities

  • PGR representative, SciTech Computing & Informatics Research

Attended Training

  • Good Clinical Practice (GCP), 01 Nov 2019


  • MSc in Master in Computer Science (2017)