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Dr Kari Davies

  • Principal Academic in Psychology
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Journal Articles

  • Gekoski, A., Massey, K., Allen, K., Ferreira, J., Dalton, C.T., Horvath, M. and Davies, K., 2024. ‘A lot of the time it’s dealing with victims who don’t want to know, it’s all made up, or they’ve got mental health’: Rape myths in a large English police force. International Review of Victimology, 30 (1), 3-24.
  • Rockowitz, S., Wagner, K., Cooper, R., Stevens, L., Davies, K., Woodhams, J., Kanja, W. and Flowe, H.D., 2024. A Systematic Review of Criminal Justice Initiatives to Strengthen the Criminal Investigation and Prosecution of Sexual Violence in East Africa. Trauma, Violence, and Abuse, 25 (1), 813-827.
  • Gekoski, A., Davies, K. and Allen, K., 2023. Barriers and challenges to police and Crown Prosecution Service joint working on rape and serious sexual offence cases: A police perspective. POLICING-A JOURNAL OF POLICY AND PRACTICE, 17.
  • Davies, K., Spence, R., Cummings, E., Cross, M. and Horvath, M.A.H., 2022. Understanding sexual violence and factors related to police outcomes. Frontiers in Psychology, 13.
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