Karolina Szopa

Karolina Szopa

  • 01202 961894
  • kszopa at bournemouth dot ac dot uk
  • Senior Lecturer in Law
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Journal Articles

  • Szopa, K., 2021. ‘Defining the Margin to The Margin of Appreciation: Principle of Effectiveness as a Limit to Subsidiarity.’. Hague Yearbook of International Law.
  • Szopa, K., 2019. Preventing ‘“Torture in Europe”, by Christine Bicknell, Malcolm Evans and Rod Morgan’. European Human Rights Law Review.
  • Szopa, K. and Nottingham, E., 2019. ‘“Try Some Net Curtains” the Protection of Privacy Under the Tort of Private Nuisance’. Journal of Professional Negligence, 35(3) (2019).


  • Szopa, K., 2022. Core Approach: Balancing Philosophical Commitments and Evolution in Interpretation of the European Convention on Human Rights. In: The Value(s) of the ECHR: Research Workshop 8-9 September 2022 University of Brimingham. TBC.
  • Szopa, K., 2019. ‘Health-For-All: From an Aspiration into a Human Right’. In: The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Indonesia and The Hague University of Applied Sciences 5-8 July 2022 The Hague.

Internet Publications