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Lauren Sewell

  • lsewell at bournemouth dot ac dot uk
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Journal Articles

  • Stewart, J.R., García-Rodríguez, O., Knul, M.V., Sewell, L., Montgomery, H., Thomas, M.G. and Diekmann, Y., 2019. Palaeoecological and genetic evidence for Neanderthal power locomotion as an adaptation to a woodland environment. Quaternary Science Reviews, 217, 310-315.
  • Sewell, L., Merceron, G., Hopley, P.J., Zipfel, B. and Reynolds, S.C., 2019. Using springbok (Antidorcas) dietary proxies to reconstruct inferred palaeovegetational changes over 2 million years in Southern Africa. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, 23, 1014-1028.


  • Sewell, L., 2018. Using a multiproxy analysis of springbok fossils to track 2 million years of vegetation changes experienced by hominins in southern Africa. PhD Thesis. Bournemouth University, Faculty of Science and Technology.


  • Using fossil antelope teeth and remote sensing of contemporary African vegetation community types to reconstruct hominin habitats around the Omo-Turkana basin between 3.5 – 1.6 Ma ago (Quaternary Research Association, 05 Mar 2019). Awarded
  • Reconstructing past environmental contexts in East and South Africa between 3.5 and 0.8 million years ago (British Institute in Eastern Africa, 04 Aug 2017). Completed